Saturday, 30 April 2011


So, Leon introduced me to the wonderful resource that is Neilvn's Tangents, and also pointed me towards the 'Black Foamie Thing'. We tried it, and both thought it was pretty good. Then, recently, Neil uploaded a video which shows how he uses it, and it opens up a whole range of options.

So I made one, and had a bit of a play this evening, with the only willing subject who was available.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011


 Yesterday really wasn't my day. After getting up super-early, only to return home with shots I could have achieved after waking at a normal time, I decided to try catch a sunset. So we headed off, out towards a spot which I had found out about via a forum which I frequent, where we met up with Leon and his family.

Monday, 25 April 2011

Ducks, Shallow Depth of Field, and a technique invented by a Mr Brenizier

I had planned to be posting photos from a sunrise shoot here, but it wasn't to be. I still awoke at 4:30am, and I was still out of the door by 4:50am, but I started heading inland, towards Karragullen, where I had done no scouting, nor knew of any locations. Oh, and the gates to the dams were all locked, as no-one is allowed to look at the water at night.

So much Chocolate!

A while back, my brother in law, Will, got himself engaged to Krista. As most of Krista's family live over in Canada, they asked me to take some photos to send back home.

I finally got around to editing them this week, and had a sudden craving for Death by Chocolate...

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Caleb and Carlien

So, I got asked to do a photo shoot, to which I readily agreed. As the date approach, Caleb decided it would be a good idea to propose to Carlien. In front of a lot of people. But that's another story, which you have probably heard by now (if you haven't, read all about it right here).

A day at the Zoo

As it was a Saturday today, and we had no other plans, Cheree and I decided to take our son, Nik, to the Zoo. As Nik loves animals, we thought he would love it. And we were right. Even though he was completely beat at the end of the day - to the point where he was laying down in his pram between exhibits - he still got excited about every new animal we saw.